Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me, My Family and Favorite Food Quotes

"Sure I have a favorite meal of the day; at breakfast it's breakfast, at lunch it's lunch and at dinner it's dinner." -My dad

Dad grillin on the patio in San Antonio
Dad: Hey Catherine is that an Orange Soda?
Me: Ya!
Dad: When I was little in Mexico we use to drink something just like that but we drank it...
Me: Out of a bag with a straw? AHAHAHA

Dad, Me and Mom at my Grandparents house in Calvert
"Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!" -Tommy Smothers

"I want my meat Moo'in!" - Tito

My brother Tito at Christmas
"Catherine trust me, all you have to do is marinate it in Beer and Tabasco." - Tito

Tito crusin down the Brazos
Me: Eat it Sallie Jane it's pork loin with bacon!
Sallie Jane: I don't like pork...
Me: What family do you come from?!?!?

My sister Sallie Jane

Sallie Jane, Me, Tito

4th of July Cake

Family Party at Jakes in Calvert, Tx
 "I would be so happy if my house always smelled like there were onions and garlic cooking and I always smelled like vanilla." - Me
Me: Mom, you can't eat pasta and bread in the same meal, that's what makes you fat..."
Mom: Ok, we'll have a salad and skip dessert
Me: What? Are you crazy! We have to have dessert
Mom: We'll there's nothing sweet
Me: What do you mean we don't have ice cream?!?!

Mom and Petra
"There are many foods out there that are worth being fat for. Plus, if your food tastes good and keeps bringing people back, who cares if you're fat?" - Me 
Tito and Me eating ice cream in Oregon

"I'm kind of a picky eater... Catherine, this is delicious!" -Cindy Barerro

Me and Cindy TX A&M ring dunk 2010
"Catherine, can I be your brownie tester?" - Mallory Sampson 
My cousin Mallory and Margarita at the Ranch in Calvert
"Catherine, thank you so much for the cookies and homemade salsa, the cookies crumbled and the green salsa exploded but it was all delicious!" - Mallory Sampson 

Mallory and Caitlin
 "Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn."

-Garrison Keillor

"It's sad when you plan your vacation around where you want to eat." - Ashely Rasner

My best friend Ashley
"I'd like to find the guy that invented cheese and buy that dude some cheese." - Ashely Rasner
Ashey and her BF Van
Ashley: Khaki (me) what is in menudo?
Me: Basically all the intestines and other gross stuff
Ashley: Ok, I'll have that...

Me and Ashley out on the town
And in ending I will leave with pictures of the other things we eat down here in Texas...
 (We practice legal and fair hunting in our family. That means none of the game animals were shot out of season, we work hard to preserve the species and all the meat was used and eaten.)

What a minute! That's my cat Willie Nelson in a spurs jersey!
Here we go...

What? No thats our dog Biscuit

Uncle Tucker and his Buck

Tito and Me catfishin
 "I love animals, they're delicious!" - bumper sticker
Tito and a wild boar (DELISH!)

Mom and Dad and a Bass (too small to eat but tastey)

Dad, Clay and Wild Geese

Catfishin at the Lake

Tito, Mallory and Armour after a duck hunt (my second fav to eat next to dove)
 I hope that if ya'll are not familiar with Texas ya'll come soon!

Tito's pet Turtle (the flag was for Texas pride and so we could find him in the yard)

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