Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cosmic Cafe- Dallas

The best way I can think to describe Cosmic Cafe is India meets Pink Floyd. Everywhere you step, sit and look from the second you hit the lawn there is something wild. Colorful Brahma statues and an Elephant water fountain in the front yard, a porch with benches and more colors than a cosmic rainbow, wacky doors, fixtures and posters. This is just the outside.

Once inside the wackiness goes into supernova! Paintings of monkeys, flowers and places adorn every wall. Ceiling fans in shapes of lotus flowers, statues, colorful tables, fish tank, it goes on and on. Lets just say this is a very entertaining place to take my 2 year old cousin for lunch. There are stairs on your way to the bathroom that lead to a meditation room where you can slip off your shoes and escape the busy Dallas world outside. In the evenings the room becomes a yoga studio and one night a week a meditation class. Only $5 a class!

The food is just as wacky and delicious! The restaurant is vegetarian but there are also vegan options. Hummus, Samosas, Dahl, Soups of the "Here and Now" and that is just the starters.

Tacos, Enchiladas, Burgers, and Pizzas (there way), Comsmic Stir Fry, Curried Veggies, Nan. One of my aunts favorite dishes is a wrap they call the "Herban Renweal" which is avocado, cream cheese, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella, and herbs on nan. This time however she had their Spinach Enchiladas which is three enchiladas topped with their special white cream sauce and served with rice and beans:

I had their Pizza Mystica which has sauteed black bean patties, sun dried tomatos, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and fresh basil on nan. What really blew my mind were the black bean patties because they were dense and cubed very small just like sausage. I had to really investigate to figure out it was beans and not sausage because to me it really seemed like meat. And for me being such a meat eater I was blown away and the pizza did not miss a beat.

investigating with my taste buds

        And of course, Birdie had her usual rice and beans and nan and she gobbled it up! What she got in her mouth and not all over the table and floor that is.

Cosmic Cafe was ranked Dallas' Best Vegetarian Restaurant for the last 9 years by the Dallas Observer.

“Cosmic Cafe is a haven for the city’s vegetarians.”

Southwest Airlines Spirit
In-flight magazine

So go check it out!


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