Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Place to Eat in Portland

I have been here 3 weeks and haven't told yall where I have eaten yet. Well so far these are some pretty cool hot spots:
Voodoo Donuts

What a one of a kind place, to say the least. Lets just say the location I went to it seemed like you had to have tattoos and some form of body piercing to work there. The donut's are outrageous and so are the people. I would tell you the history but you really need to read it off the website, I just cant tell it without plagiarising bc its crazy and I cant l;leave anything out! THEY EVEN DO WEDDINGS! WTF? Birthday parties, I get it, but weddings?! And what even crazier if the options of weddings range from  illegal to legal weddings... WHAT? This place is wild! Check out some of their donuts...
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And the best for last.. The Bacon Maple Bar. YYYUUUUMMMMView Image  View Image


Zeppos is by far the favorite restaurant in Lake Oswego and for good reason. It is really good! My first full day in town I walked down and had happy hour there. Best gnocchi of my life!

Portland City Grille

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This is the best place to go on a beautiful clear night! It is on top of a 30 story building with windows all around so you get different views of the city. I am not going to show too many pictures or talk too much about it bc my friend Kate is coming from Texas and if the weather is good we are coming here. That way I will show you guys the pictures we take which will be cooler to look at. Anyway I will tell you that it gets very busy so get a reservation, happy hour doesn't have reservations so come early. The food is surprisingly very good. I had pork loin on mashed potato's and asparagus. It was served with two sauces, a sweet fruit like sauce and a spice sauce which together were the perfect combination. My pork was cooked perfect med and had great flavor and juice. I enjoyed my meal very much.
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Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub 

View ImageIt's pretty obvious when you walk in that this is a popular joint in town. A new girl friend I have met here through my food writting course says that this is where her and her friends always come on weekends. The wait staff is cute, the tables are cozy, the bar food is pretty killer, and o ya, there bar is badass! They have everything! We ate here before the Blazers v Spurs game last night and let me tell ya, this is the place to be before the game! The bar has a double decker bus that takes you to the Rose Garden and back bumpin the newest beats the whole way! It's a party bus!
We ate Irish nachos which were decent, she had a salad, and we shared sweet potato fries. Now let me tell you something, whatever dip they bring with the sweet potato fries has to be the best thing I have eaten in a LONG time. DAMN IT WAS GOOD! I was taking the fried onions off Joannas salad and dipping them in the dip, why that's not on the happy hour menu beats the hell outta me...
Needless to say, esp for St Patty's and before a Blazer game, check out Kells its badass.
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