Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog #2

Here is the second "blog" entry I did on Gluten Free eating. This one focuses on what is available in the grocery store.
Gluten Free Shopping

This week I have decided to focus on buying gluten free products at your local grocery store. Susan, the woman who I am staying with here in Portland during this course, suggested a few grocery stores around town that offer a diverse selection. However, since this is a mini study of mine to see what is available in the world of g.f. eating I decided this week to start on an even base. Even though I will be focusing on Portland in the next two weeks I did not think it fair to go to a grocery store that would be over run with g.f. products. I believe this would not be helpful or relevant to readers in other cities or states who would have trouble finding these products. Thus I went to a nationwide family grocery store, Albertsons.

Here are a few pictures of products I found, starting with the first brand I ever noticed carrying g.f. products:

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods not only has over 400 products but a complete line of g.f. As you can see here there are brownies, cookies, cake, bread, pancakes, and baking flour. Since these are mixes they do require extra ingredients and for these sweet mixes that would more than likely be g.f. vanilla extract which is not as easy to find. But a specialty store or ordering online would be the best bet.

Here is a g.f. product I have been eating for breakfast for the past few months and it’s really pretty good.

I eat these toasted with natural peanut better and honey which do not contain gluten! Here are a few more pictures of options I found:

It is easy to see that there are quite a plush variety of products out there. Being gluten intolerant these days does not limit you to vegetables, potatoes, grilled chicken and rice. I found all these products and more at a regular grocery store, there is no telling what is out there when you visit a specialty store!

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