Monday, October 18, 2010

Hidden Treasures- San Antonio


San Antonio holds a great secret, even though if you are from San Antonio it is no secret. This place is Chris Madrid's.
I have searched high and low and have yet to find a burger place quite like this one. Chris Madrid's is a San Antonio landmark! It opened in January of 1977 as a burger and taco place but the burgers were such a hit that they lost the tacos all together. The atmosphere is unlike any other with indoor and outdoor seating and a bar. The windows in line are filled with bumper stickers (we added a bumper sticker from my Uncle's Campaign for congress so look for it! Its blue with white writing and says "Tucker Anderson Republican for Congress"). The walls have t-shirts hanging, news articles and more to look at while you wait. One trip I saw a bio on a famous chef who runs one of the nicest restaurants in San Antonio and all he talked about was Chris Madrid's! 
You stand in line, order your burger, get your number and find a seat, be mindful, this place is always crowded but that is part of the fun! If you show up and there is a line out the door don't worry! I have never seen anywhere as organized and good at moving people like Chris Madrid's. When they are really crowded employees will take peoples order from the line and you never have to wait too long. Even if you are in line for 30 min it won't take more than 10 to get your burger.

The options are few and that is because there is no need for a big menu, the burgers are amazing! The crowd favorite is the Cheddar Cheezy. It is a delicious burger with cheddar cheeze oozing out the sides! The patty is peppery, the bun is the right size to get your mouth around and the toppings are fresh. The fries come separate and are the perfect size for sharing.

So if you are in San Antonio visiting or live there and still have not gone you HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT! This place is an institution and you won't be disappointed I promise!

Chris Madrid's is located on Hollywood and Blanco and their website is

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