Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girls Night Out In Japan

The food and food scene in Japan is something to talk about. Here I am with Eriko at a few of our restaurant picks in Tokyo. The first is called Gyu-Kaku, Gyu meaning beef. At these restaurants you have a hole in the middle of the table, or counter, in which the waiter inserts a mini grill of coles and a grate. This is a picture taken off of google because I feel it shows it a bit better than the ones I have:
They givee you your meat raw, marinated or not, tongs, chopsticks and have at it! We ordered a bowl of rice mixed with seaweed and a fried egg on top, beef tongue and some other cut of beef. Let me tell you, the beef tong was my favorite thing I have eaten so far here in Japan thus making it my #2 must have: Beef Tongue at a Guy-Kaku Restaurant. They give you two sauce options, a lemon and a soy sauce with sugar, the soy sauce is the way to go.
Vampire Cafe

Tokyo is known for its theme restaurants and Eriko and I checked out Vampire Cafe in Ginza and it is awesome! Located down a narrow street in a colorful and vibrant neighborhood Vampire Cafe is just a short elevator ride up into the imagination. As the elevator opens you are greeted by a vampiric host, if you are lucky like we were he is the owner too. You are escorted through a small tunnel of red tapestries and at this point you are probably wondering what in the ******* you have gotten yourself into. The booths are cozy and private due to a curtain of red cloth. The view from our table was especially goolosh because it was a life sized coffin with, well, I'll let the pictures speek for themselves. Our food was seemily normal: raw salmon, friend cheese and crackers, risotto, chicken, chocolate cake and ice cream. Or was it...


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